My kidneys released last night. The release felt like getting off a roller coaster.


The 3rd Chakra has long been “my spot.” Manipura is translated as “city of gems” or “lustrous gem,” though I’ve never felt particularly sparkly in this area.

My 4th consecutive fitful night of unrest, realizing that I’ve been contracted here makes complete sense: I’ve been overheated (seat of fire), jittery (adrenal rush), and mentally distracted by planning and replaying class (identification, recognition, and the illusion of control). This is the shadow side of Manipura.

With such a big task on my plate, I can see how this was also my body and energetic trying to serve me—providing physical stamina through the weekend, a clear sense of who I am and the freedom to be myself, as well as a way to define my role and how I can be of service.

Interestingly, I noticed throughout the weekend that I felt more visually connected to “seeing” bodies than perhaps ever before. The eyes are the sense organ of 3rd, so this fits nicely into the puzzle. I would have thought that I’d be more hungry with all that digestive fire, but I was unusually less so. Hmmm.

With the incredible anticipation and preparation for the first weekend behind me, I hope to be more aware of these clues and remember to check in with this pattern and story in my body.

In upcoming weekends when I have a lot of talky-time, it will be my practice to stay soft and fluid here… to gently stoke the agni of life force without burning up or out.


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