First weekend of Teacher Training. I was not prepared for how amazing it would be. I was fully prepared for how draining, challenging, and consuming it would be. How it would pluck every last thread of my patience. But amazing? Not so much.

It’s always funny as a teacher to say that a class was “great.” What is meant, of course, is that it was great for the teacher. Maybe that means as a teacher I felt that I communicated the theme or intention well, or we got to all of the poses I’d planned, or I felt “connected” and inspired. I’m making assumptions about how that translates as a student in the class: that the theme or intention was understood and meaningful, that students felt prepared for and guided into the postures, that the student was “connected” and inspired.

Though none of that may be true.

In this case, “amazing” refers more to the students themselves. This is an extraordinary group of people, each with a perspective, voice, and experience that adds to the richness of the program. To not have even one of them there would be like leaving an ingredient out of recipe.

There is an instant bond formed just by coming together in this way. And what is so special about this group is the openness, willingness, tenderness, and honesty toward one another that was visible immediately. This is not always the case.

“Amazing” in that their questions and responses were far beyond what I expected for the first weekend of new, eager yogi trainees.

I’m reminded, yet again, of the saying, “Expectation is a statement of superiority.” Why would I “expect” less of them? That expectation unconsciously creates separation (“them” and “me”) and an advantage or positioning of power.

Ouch! That is not yoga.

These classmates are really a forming family that I am honored to be a part of, and I am so excited to learn from them.


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