What is normal?

For at least 15 years I have had pain in the lower, right part of my SI joint. Sometimes acute, otherwise chronic.

This is one of the main reasons I started working with Lisa the Rolfer.

We’ve experimented with various walking technicalities, areas of massage, stretch, and strength, and ultimately, the position of my pelvis.

To permanently reposition my pelvis in “alignment” is a little like the feeling described in this story:

A Catskill comedian used to tell a story about his first time away from home and home cooking. After a week in army boot camp his stomach started to feel funny. He was convinced that something was terribly wrong with his digestive system, and perhaps his entire body. Well, after much medical consultation, the problem was diagnosed. For the first time in his life he wasn’t suffering from heartburn.

What I have been doing and how I have been carrying myself around all along feels “normal,” and any change, even to my advantage, feels abnormal. To not have the pain and the story of the pain in my SI joint would feel disorienting.

This kind of becoming aware and making intentional, purposeful changes in the body is like doing the same in thought pattern, speech, and action. Confusing, uncomfortable, burdensome, paralyzing, inconvenient.

This is my current pickle. And it has nothing to do with my SI.


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