Dream vs Reality

Woke this morning from a vivid and emotionally-charged dream.

The way the subconscious mind plays out in dreams is absolutely fascinating to me. I’ve kept a dream journal on and off for years, curious about the insights available within the stories.

This has always kept me quite wrapped up in the story itself—the characters, events, and emotions—even though I know they are just symbols for the real play going on behind the scenes. A friend, who is a psychotherapist, gave me a technique for diving under the story line (same brainy gal who gave me the sleep trick).

The technique is:

1. Write about the dream itself – all the detail you can remember
2. Identify the 3 main “characters” in the dream – can be a person, a thing or an event, and one is probably you (with the idea that all are aspects of you)
3. Write from the voice of that person/thing in the dream – what would they say
4. Then you can look at the insights as they apply to your life now, rather than to the dream 

This technique has definitely given me some “holy crap” insights, so I wanted to try it with this one.

Rather than super glue myself to the story in this dream, just a few highlights:

A ex-boyfriend. (Who looks really, really good.) Behind the barn at the house I grew up in. An audience of friends and my dad. Neil Diamond background music. The Ex wants me to dance with him to “Play Me.”

The characters are me, the ex, and the audience.

From my voice:  

I’m so uncomfortable.
I don’t want to be dealing with this again.
I want it to go away.
Why doesn’t he just get it?
I don’t like hurting people’s feelings.
I’m petrified about what people are thinking.
It would be so easy to go back to old, familiar ways.
History has a strong pull toward repeating itself right now.
There’s a longing and emptiness around that. 

Allrightythen… a few gems there.


The Ex’s voice:

I don’t understand. I need closure.


From the audience:

Wow, this is awkward. How uncomfortable. A difficult situation. 

This morning these last two are hard… not the case all the time. In particular the audience. I am sometimes “petrified of what people think” and I don’t even want to imagine their perspective. Of course, it’s never as bad and judgmental as it is in my fear.

So, now, rather than spending my day wondering why I’m still emotionally wrapped up with this ex, I can look at these underlying insights…. which happen to have particular potency right now.


3 Responses to “Dream vs Reality”

  1. 1 journey4yogis August 10, 2009 at 4:58 am

    We love you Michelle, I’m pretty sure that’s what people are thinking.

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