For the three summers prior to this one I spent almost three weeks each August in Ukiah with my teacher, Mary, other amazing guest teachers, and my sister teachers/trainees at what was called the Summer Intensive. It was 19 days of “intense” hours (sometimes 7 am – 6 pm), overloaded learning (did I say 7 am – 6 pm?), and very close quarters (25 + sensitive yogis together in one room all day–breathing, practicing, touching, watching, laughing and crying).

Just days in, tension would mount, chakras were open and charged, feeling the pressure of being away from our families and comforts, and (comprised of mostly women) someone was surely PMSing at any given moment. There would inevitably be a  breakdown because “she looked at me funny.” 

But like any family, when it was time to part ways it was all hugs and tears and “keep in touch.” Seeing the best and worst of each other had taken us from the superficial, polished behavior of nice/funny/smart to the more complex (and real) fabric of personality and persona and ego… and in the end, essence.

At the end of the day, all each of us wants is love. That is complicated in infinite ways, yet it is arguably the heart’s only desire. To be heard, to be seen… and to be loved anyway.

Being with our new family of TTs makes me miss my Summer Intensive sisters—the in-it-togetherness. A tribe, a clan, a family.

Here’s to my sisters of Faraway. I did not have the grace to learn much of what they had to teach about patience and compassion. From a different space and softer heart, I bow.


1 Response to “Family”

  1. 1 Bob August 20, 2009 at 4:09 am

    I imagine that your recollection on your “family” and your experiences is a way of grounding, and that groundedness enables you to reach up and blossom in your own unique way. It is a wonderful thing to be a part of. Joyous to watch. I too bow, to you and our entire family.

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