All Alone with TMI

R is gone this week so I’m “alone” for a few days. As an introvert, I long for, yearn for this time and don’t get it very often.

Why then am I milling about, wondering what to do next. Here’s the dialog:

Should I clean the house?
No, I should get some work done.
But I’m really tired. Maybe I’ll lie down.
I’m going to turn on some music first so it’s not so QUIET.
Did I feed the dogs yet? 

Habits, comfort, routine… I’m a Capricorn, so I really like things to be a certain way. I’m also very Vata, so structure is good for me. And…at the same time, it’s good to shake things up.

It also feels really nice to miss R. Being in the house together 24/7 (basically anytime I’m not teaching) makes it difficult to miss him. (Makes me think of that movie line, “I miss the *idea* of him.” But no, I really do miss him.)

This also brings up thoughts about how I’ve been “trying” to take better care of myself: bed earlier, eat better, step away from the computer; and how hard it is to break the habits around not doing these things. Habits, comfort, routine….

Well, it’s just my first night. I actually had a really great day, on track to be in bed by 10, just had my spiced sleep-tonic milk.

Wait… hold everything. WTF is that smell? Oh Lord have mercy, clearly Ron is here in spirit… one of the dogs has horrendous gas. My inner dialog now has only one question: Where is that incense????


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