Looks like rain

Earlier this summer I visited my dad in the rural country where I was born and raised, the true “Northern California.”

The morning I was leaving we were looking out across the fields and valley past their front porch: green carpet, bright blue canopy, and not much else. 




“It’s gonna rain,” my dad said.

I looked around at the magnificence of the summer morning and gave him a look like, “Whatchyoutalkinabout, Willis?”

“No,” he said, “look at that cloud. It’s gonna rain.” And he turned matter-of-factly on his heel and went into the other room.

Just the cheek of one white puffy cloud was visible over the mountain range on the east side.

My dad has lived in this valley his entire life. He knows its rhythms, its fragrance, its subtleties. He’s in tune with that land.

He is also a cowboy. Well, he used to be. Now he’s more into golf than horses. But he’s a man’s man, an “old timer” if you will. Wouldn’t take kindly to words like “intuitive.”

Some excerpts from Gabrielle Roth’s book Connections:

To fully realize our intuitive abilities we need to be instinctive, intimate, intent, integral, and inspired. Each of these energies is a facet of intuition, our connection to the divine force that moves all things. The problem happens when we stop trusting its supreme intelligence, when we allow our intuition to be overwhelmed and diminished by the loud, reactive, defensive voices of the ego.

Being true to the signs and signals that come from withing, learning to distinguish between those that come from the soul and those that come from the ego, is our holy work, work that will make us whole. People can do a lot of things for us, but this one thing only we can do for ourselves.

Living by your instincts is living in the mystery. It requires total surrender to the unknown. It’s like walking in water. You step into the current with nothing to hold on to, and it washes you clean like a baptism, purging away any fixed images you have of yourself and freeing you to be the divine self you are destined to be.

… thinking and knowing are different, and knowing comes from a more primitive wisdom, a timeless connection to the movement, to the dance of the universe and all its beings.

Gabrielle suggests cultivating our intuitive abilities with the small things — what to order in a restaurant, which book to read, who might call on the phone. As this sensitivity increases, its guidance is available for big decisions like should I take this job, get married, get pregnant, or join an ashram. She assures that those decisions will become reflective and reflexive of our inner truth.

This is not what my dad had in mind when he predicted rain.

This morning I was coming back from the studio and passed a yard sale. There was a bike and a box of bike parts among the goods. I need a bike lock and wondered if that was part of the bike purge. I rounded the corner and got “the hit” — yes, I should turn around and check on the bike lock.

“No, no bike locks.” Damn! Though he did pause to think about it.

But my dad was right… it did rain.


3 Responses to “Looks like rain”

  1. 1 Margaret Wagner June 16, 2011 at 12:30 am

    Love the refresher of Gabreille Roth’s words about following your intuition. Thank you for the reminder!

    • 2 blogasana June 16, 2011 at 2:46 pm

      Thanks, Margaret! Her work is amazing and I need to plant reminders around where I will bump into them :)

  1. 1 Where Your Heart Is « Blogasana's Blog Trackback on October 19, 2009 at 6:37 pm

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