Lists are fun

Inspired by this post by Jen Hoffman, the equivalent of a master yoga teacher in the world of organizing; I want to make lists, too.

I love how she talks about fall as a time of closure, reaping, integrating. It is truly the time of harvest in nature—plowing, picking, going back to seed.



I really want to have a Harvest list. I got the bullets ready and everything, but all I get?… crickets. 


Well, I have some things here. I celebrate efforts and accomplishments around…

  • Costa Rica retreat
  • Summer Solstice retreat
  • the commencement of TT
  • relocating my “desk” so that I am more aesthetically inspired
  • asking for and receiving help related to the business
  • being flexible/open to change in my teaching schedule… while also staying true to my needs
  • hosting several get togethers at our home and nurturing friendships
  • doing some serious and difficult marital work
  • making it through 7th grade/12 years as a stepmom fairly unscathed
  • getting more serious about my health and self care (and since, falling off the wagon)

Interesting that most of these are business-related. It is nice to see that some pretty significant projects have been completed, along with some big work at home.

Still, it seems like there’s a need for a new category. There are so many things in flux, or thing I’m recommitting to. Realignment, clearing out.

Fall Pruning

  • reconnect with self-loving practices around food, sleep and nourishment
  • get outside more – one outdoorsy adventure a month
  • recommit to boundaries around work hours
  • consistency with sitting practice
  • committing to a decision about having a baby

And looky there… these are all personal rather than business.

Come to think of it, there are items left that might be part of the harvest… not really “finished” but enjoying the fruits of.

Harvest, Take II

  • less reliance on the car – back to riding the bike
  • having a more formal marketing plan with a “divide and conquer” action list
  • back to enjoying one non-work/yoga related book
  • really enjoying blogging
  • continue to play the edge of sanity with the TT work/teaching load
  • loving the outdoor asana practices

The Take II items could easily be on the Celebration list. It seems significant that I have a hard time with the Harvest part. Thankfully, I can clearly see that things have been done. But I tend toward the “in progress” or constant improvement mode of pruning.

It reminds me of how hard it is to feel something in the moment (easier to look back and imagine or remember). It reminds me of spaciousness (I’m with you, Erin).

Let it be rather than let it go.


4 Responses to “Lists are fun”

  1. 1 Bob September 25, 2009 at 4:36 am

    Such a useful exercise. I’ll have to give it a try — to celebrate, to close. I am drawn to pruning vs. harvesting. Harvesting implies finality, closure. Whereas pruning implies a desire to continue to improve. I am definitely a pruner, though I see a need to do some harvesting, not only to bring closure to things needing it, but also to truly move on, to let go.

  2. 2 journey4yogis September 27, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    Lovely Michelle. I’m inspired, I think I’ll try some lists too . . .

  3. 3 Teacher Goes Back to School September 28, 2009 at 2:30 am

    Thanks for sharing the Inspired Office blog – so much good stuff there.

    Love this lists! Maybe in January I’ll try it out.

  1. 1 Doing less with a full heart « Blogasana's Blog Trackback on January 7, 2010 at 6:36 am

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