Sick and wanting to know why

Even though I’m generally relaxed about “why” things happen (like why do good people get sick, why do pets die too soon, why does it have to be 102 degrees), I find myself hypothesizing, wondering and betting why things happen as they do.

It must come from being a recovering believer that “everything happens for a reason.”

In my ever changing ideas about spirit and the universe, I think some things happen just because this is life. Things that are good and hard and joyful and heartbreaking. Life couldn’t be any other way.

And so, today, I’m sick. Headache, nausea, fatigue. And there’s this wanting to figure it out. Which bug do I have? Would I have been as susceptible if I’d gotten more rest this weekend? If I ate better? Is everyone else going to get it?

Instead of just being. Sick.

Also on this list of wanting to know… I had a fantastic dream the other night about sleeping in the backyard and waking up to see hundreds of white birds flying underneath the night sky. Dozens of them came down and landed in our yard. One of the birds came over to me and said that something bad was going to happen. Then I woke up.

Bad like what? Is that true? Bad for the world or for my family? Or me personally? Could this be a warning?

Yes, I should debunk the thing and look the deeper message. But I’m tired. I’m sick, remember?

The sun has just set outside, leaving pale shapes of houses and plants and cars through the window. There’s a kitty beside me purring. R is going to get me some frozen yogurt because he thinks it will make me feel better. He’s probably right.


3 Responses to “Sick and wanting to know why”

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