One in a Million

A million things on my mind today.

I want to post an update on how my self care challenge is going (more insightful than expected).

My mom was in an fender bender (she’s fine) and her attachment issues are poking my buttons.

And I really want to talk about the frog in my backyard.

But all I have time for is this:

Deepak Chopra’s latest book, The Third Jesus.

In it he talks about a woman who harasses him at a book signing. He handles the situation gently, but continues to be distracted by the incident throughout that night. He reflects on the spiritual truth that, 

people mirror back to us the reality of who we are.

As an exercise honoring this truth, he makes a list of the things he’d noticed and disliked about the woman: she was angry, demanding, confrontational, and selfish. He called his wife and asked her if he was like that. She was silent.

After getting past a veneer of irritation, he was able to call a truce with the negative energies, and even allowed other memories of past hurts to arise.

He loops this experience back to Ahimsa, non-violence, as related to the quality of consciousness that Jesus preached in Luke 6:29, “If anyone strikes you on the cheek, offer him the other also.”

…the aim of nonviolence is ultimately to bring peace to yourself, to quell your own violence; the enemy outside serves only to mirror the enemy within. …if you are successful in changing your [consciousness], reality will mirror the change back to you.

Damn damn damn. You know when you “hear something again for the first time”? This is probably going to bring up a million more things I want to post about.


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