A previous student (PS) came back to the studio recently (R said, “They always come home.”). The thing is, I don’t like this student. I used to say that PS came to class just to torture me.

I think it happens. You come into contact with so many people every week… one of them is bound to rub the wrong way. PS not only rubs, but chafes. There’s just something about it.

Could be that PS is always talking about other studios, other teachers, other students in a gossipy, guess-what kind of way.

Could be that PS doesn’t fully participate in the class, but doesn’t do anything else, either. Just sits, looking bored.

Could be that I used to be PS’s Favorite Teacher. After a good run, PS let me know that I had been replaced by a new Favorite Teacher (who has since been replaced… and on and on). Favorite Teacher is a short-term gig.

Could also just be that some people’s vibes, auras, chemistry.. who knows?… mix like pickles and jam. 

Note: I could add here that PS is one of my teachers, offering the lessons of compassion and non-attachment. But I don’t feel like it. Still recovering from my shitty day.

For now, since PS actually bought a class card, I’ll take a deep breath, stay in my own business, and otherwise out of the way.


1 Response to “previously….”

  1. 1 Tami October 16, 2009 at 3:47 am

    thanks for your honesty. sometimes when i admit i don’t like one of my students people look at me like i’m some sort of kid hating monster. it turns out that even kids rub people the wrong way.

    pickles and jam indeed.

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