With all of this bummed-outed-ness (which I think might partly be delayed TT closure and post NYC craziness recovery) I completely forgot to report on our first purchases of the year after doing The Compact for 2009.

At the top of my list was glass tupperware. Yay! Jan 1 we were at the Co Op buying a set of containers. Glass, no leaky-toxic-cancer plastic, with lids.

Yesterday I bought underwear and bras. Truth be told, I don’t usually wear either as they are often not required for my daily uniform (jammies or yogawear). And, technically, I could have bought them any time as they are exempt from The Compact (along with socks). But, it felt good to wait. Now I have some very pretty and matching sets. Since I’ll be getting dressed more often, I’ll need them!

R didn’t wait until the end of the year to contribute to the gross national product. He completely blew Christmas… new make up bag and slippers for A, long puffy jacket and long johns for me (said I’d need them in NYC… all right, actually I did). And he’s been replenishing undies and undershirts. I guess he wears his.

I wasn’t happy about the Christmas blow out. I mean, we’d gone 11 months without anything new. What about seeing it through? And isn’t something like Christmas a time when you can make the biggest difference? It’s like how it isn’t that big of a deal to be nice/kind when you’re in a good mood and things are going well… but it really says something about you if you can do it when things are tough.

R’s reasoning is we’d gone 11 months… like, isn’t that something? Just a different perspective, I suppose. And I do love that damn puffy jacket.

My biggest take away is that it’s really pretty easy to keep things in the flow rather than the landfill. Buy used, trade, share, refrain. There are lots of avenues to find things these days — I used freecycle, craigslist, thrift and consignment stores, and borrowed things. Most importantly we learned how much we don’t need.

The bottom line is it takes more time. If you know you need/want a rolling pin for cookies at Christmas, start looking in November. Apparently there are no women in Sacramento giving up their size 9 shoes. And I’ll be damned if I couldn’t find those glass tupperware on craigslist! It just takes patience and time. Hmm… sounds a little like yoga.


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