Dork Dancing, Check!

I actually didn’t go to the Dork Dancing Mindful Morning Movement Session at the Destuckificaiton Retreat.

But it probably wasn’t that different than the Ironic Aerobics. Step touch. Step kick. Grrrrrapevine. And left…Wooo!


The Mindful Morning Movement Sessions were unplanned, intentionally awkward (cuz then the pressure’s off), and so so fun.

Today is the first day of Recess. I’m so excited.

What better way to start the day than hot lemon water and honey, a personalized playlist, and Dork Dancing.

The attire: whatever, as long as it doesn’t match.

The music: very important, see below.

The moves: start with Step Touch to get moving (it helps to say Step Touch in your 80s aerobics instructor voice). Or jumping with wild arms. Or running man, mashed potato, moon walking. A lot of clapping off beat is good. So are sound effects. The more awkward and uncoordinated, the better.

The venue: living room, bedroom, bathroom (just not in the shower unless you have a call button). It’s nice if your husband has gone to DMV so you don’t have to worry about him sneaking in to watch you (that makes my Monster feel self-conscious).

Ok, music. Here was my playlist:

  • Cake, Comfort Eagle
  • CCR, Fortunate Son (takes me back to really awkward cowboys at high school dances… ACDC would do the trick too)
  • Daisy, Kitty & Lewis, Going Up Country
  • The Iguanas, Para Donde Vas
  • Liz Phair, Supernova

Then I did some Shiva Nata (like taking my first steps on my own!! wobbly but exciting) to:

  • Dead Can Dance, Yulunga
  • Electrelane, The Valleys

And some stretching and loud singing to Patty Griffin:

  • Florida
  • Useless Desires
  • Moses
  • Poor Man’s House
  • Nobody’s Crying

(I am in need of some more good dancing music. Have any recommendations?)

Whew. A great start to the day. As equally lovely, though admittedly different, as starting the day with yoga.

If you ever want to get down dorky together, let me know. Laughing is such good ab work.


8 Responses to “Dork Dancing, Check!”

  1. 1 elizabeth February 1, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    My fallbacks lately are Beat It (Michael Jackson) and Say Hey (Michael Frantti) – I have the videos from iTunes for both so it works well. Hey – I just realized they’re both Michaels. Clearly there is some sort of hidden message there.

  2. 3 Denice February 1, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    …Chaka Khan…Stevie Wonder/Songs in the Key of Life…

  3. 5 Leili February 2, 2010 at 1:06 am

    Around the World by Daft Punk…? Maybe that’s just me, lol.

  4. 7 Tami February 2, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    we’ll call this the old school/guilty pleasure edition:
    goin’ back to cali – ll cool j
    it takes two – rob base and dj e-z rock
    sexyback – justin timberlake
    crazy in love – beyonce

    songs that make me sing out LOUD:
    timebomb -old97s
    goodbye california – jolie holland
    mean eyed cat – johnny cash
    eyes for you – old97s
    100 years from now – the byrds
    thank you – red walls
    seven nation army – white stripes
    turn a square – the shins
    the el – rhett miller
    father of mine – everclear
    american idiot – green day
    she’s electric – oasis
    let’s talk about sex – salt n’ pepa
    been it – cardigans
    lump – presidents of the usa!

    happy dork dancing!

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