Daruma was a fifth-century Indian monk who reached China after a perilous three-year sea voyage and became the founder of Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism. He is said to have trained the warrior monks of the Shaolin temple in Kung Fu, crossed the Yangtze River on a reed and meditated continuously for nine years. We emulate Daruma by practicing flexibility, focus and discipline in our quest for superior performance.


Winds can be observed and felt in every rustle of leaves and in every bent bough. To be a good investor is to navigate all winds of change, from a light breeze to a typhoon. The swirls of wind on this Satoi Daruma represent our efforts to “read” the invisible market forces in our quest to recognize investment potential not yet seen by others.  –www.darumanyc.com

Thank you Mariko.


1 Response to “Daruma”

  1. 1 mariko December 10, 2010 at 2:35 am

    Hi Michelle
    I totally didn’t see this when you first posted it! Havi said she had fun with you in Sacramento. Hope you are well. Let me know when you’re in New York, and thanks for the shout out!

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