Sunday Ketchup | Monday Mustard

A chance to catch up of loose ends from the week and plant some seeds of intention for the next.



I’m so happy to be on Recess. Even rainy day recess since this week I got to stay in bed.

But it wasn’t like falling into instant bliss and relaxation. I forgot that there is a natural process to letting go. Sometimes that includes the feeling of being let down.

This week was full of rest and glee and writing and walking. It also had some sadness and laziness and bad eating (someone please tell my husband to stop buying Eskimo Pies).

Next week I’m seeking to balance doing/not doing a little more mindfully.

Let there be dancing! Dork dancing!!

Turns out dancing like a dork is pretty much the only way I roll. So I’m going with it.

Thanks for the musical suggestions… brilliant!

And to add… S.E.X.Y. R.O.B.O.T by The Pinker Tones.  You must download it N.O.W.

Sweet dreams Monster…

Monster loves the new bed. And apparently his voice carries pretty well because I keep forgetting to get him up in the morning and yet I hear you loud and clear, Monster!

Nonetheless, we’re both sleeping quite well.

Undercover Fairy Protection Program

Thanks for all the loves when my fairy-self was feeling sad. It really helped.

I was even wearing sparkles by week’s end.

For now, I think the fairies are undercover. Wing testing, wand training, dust quality assurance reporting… there’s a lot do.

Just having the frame helps.

I had a Very Difficult Conversation this week and this metaphor helped me stay clear about the essence of where we’re going and who we are. Score one for the fairies.

And it was a great opportunity for me to watch my pattern of being easily influenced by outside factors/people. Maybe I’ll map or metaphor that.



+ Something very exciting in the works… and you’ll hear about it here first!

Planting the seed for some experimenting this week. I’d like technological cooperation and appropriate lighting. And self-directed compassion and forgiveness—this is a baby, it’s going to be messy (metaphorically speaking).

+ Seeding more actual asana this week. Maybe a couple of classes. Maybe I’ll sneak in on the TT’s classes!

+ Needing to get out — side, of the city, of the noise. A hike, a lake or river. Maybe a trip up Auburn way.

What’s your Ketchup and Mustard?

Tie up your loose ends and plant your seeds, too!


1 Response to “Sunday Ketchup | Monday Mustard”

  1. 1 Tami February 9, 2010 at 4:59 am

    recess is a lot like summer vacay. it takes a while to get into it, but when you do you figure it out it’s a little slice of “what shall i do today?” heaven. i can’t wait for mine!

    dork dancing sounds fabulous. i may take this up on my recess.

    yay sleepy monsters! i’m glad you came to a truce during sleeping hours. mine is ok until about 5:30 am and then all bets are off. i’m glad i’m able to be super productive in the morning, although it would be nice to sleep until sunrise.

    undercover fairies are even BETTER!

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