Sunday Ketchup | Monday Mustard

A chance to catch up of loose ends from the week and plant some seeds of intention for the next.


Say Cheese

We got a new camera and it’s been so fun to look for beauty in simple and unexpected places.

Like this:

Simple Beauty

So fun that I might have to start a weekly tradition picture post.


It was a week of big sickness in our house. Al had it b.a.d. and then Bubby got it worse. Like so much worse I can’t even tell you about it.

So I was rubbing backs and caressing hair and holding puke buckets this week. Humbling, un-centering, and tiring. I even missed a day’s posting.

Thank goodness for my new morning ritual. Still knocking on wood that I avoided it.

New Exciting Thing

Which probably isn’t even that exciting.

Oh Monster, I know you’re feeling nervous about it. Even though it might not have turned out as we’d planned, we got some good work done this week. And now we have a better idea of where to go from here.

Ya, ok.

He’s a little grumpy today. His Valentine has to work tonight.


So much good love. It was everywhere.

Went to the partner class today. So. Much. Fun.


And so good to be in the love of the studio and my favorite people in the world.


Planting seeds for next week:

  • More mindful eating. Off track this weekend in particular.
  • More classes at the studio. Taking, not teaching!!
  • Balancing social time (lots of dates planned this week) with quiet alone time.
  • Trip to Wilbur. Ah, alone, soaking, naked. Nevermind the creepy guy I met last time. “No creepy guy” seed—planted.

How bout you? What’chu got cookin?


3 Responses to “Sunday Ketchup | Monday Mustard”

  1. 1 elizabeth February 15, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Very much enjoying my day off. Even though I came upstairs intending to do Shiva Nata and here I am, 30 minutes later, on the internet, no Shiva Nata done. How’d that happen.

    I should consider the mindful eating thing as well. You know your eating is off when you don’t even enjoy your lasagna + broccoli with mizithra cheese leftovers. Sniffle.

    You’re flying! How fun!

    Enjoy your week. (And I hope the week of sickness is definitely over.)

  2. 2 Tami February 16, 2010 at 1:19 am

    1. i wanna camera and know how to use it. officially jealous.

    2. sick=no bueno. knock on wood sista and then wash your hands. big distant hug to the dude.

    3. can’t wait to hear about new exciting thing!

    4. LOVE!

    mustard for me:

    1. finish music round up.
    2. find some guest bloggers
    3. stop freaking out about not posting every day.
    4. ugh, breathe while i teach?

  3. 3 blogasana February 16, 2010 at 3:51 am

    @elizabeth – yay for days off! i hope you had a wonderful one. maybe we can do shiva nata whilst on the internet… i just did the arms and i feel better. in fact, now i want to get up and do the whole thing.
    flying and that’s my stepdaughter!!
    good week wishes to you too! xo

    @tami – we even get camera/photo lessons at ritz with purchase. very fun.
    the robster is feeing way better. whew.
    mustards: 2. love it 3. me too 4. you were!!

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