Sunday Ketchup | Monday Mustard

A chance to catch up on loose ends from the week and plant seeds of intention for the next.



Last week started out really hard. And then it was really good, and then it was really hard, and then it was really good.

And that’s why I called it a roller coaster. Which is a metaphor.

And now today is my last official day of Recess.


Recess is over. The bell rings and the kiddies come inside.

I’m not really excited, but also not disappointed. I feel … neutral.

I think neutral is underrated.


There are certainly things I didn’t “accomplish” during the month that I thought I might.

I didn’t finalize my New Exciting Thing. But I did some testing and research and I have a few logs on the fire.

I didn’t practice my guitar. But it’s 3:45 pm here, and I have the rest of the night.

I didn’t reorganize all the cabinets in the house. But I did one. And really, those are small projects I can do anytime.

I did so many things off my list I can’t even name them all.


My intention for the coming week is kindness: toward myself as I transition back into teaching and more activity during the day, and toward others who may be impacted by my transition.

That’s it. Just kindness.


What’s your intention for the week?


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