Self Care Saturday

Because I’ve been talking about self care since my October Cure Challenge. And it’s my Word for the Year. And it helps to have some accountability. Each Saturday will share my latest self care indulgence—a recipe, a practice, an indulgence, a ritual… who knows! I’d love to hear about your favs too. Let’s take care of ourselves first so we can take care of each other better.


It was a week.

Back to teaching (which was all good).

Super tired. Super super tired.

Fell off the Self Care Routine Wagon more than once.


Enter one forest green hammock and a very handy Bubby.

And wah-la, paradise.

backyard bliss

Even though it’s been a little chilly I have enjoyed this spot several times this week for no good reason.


We had a hammock in our backyard when I was a kid, synched up between two apple trees.

My girlfriends and I would play on it. I would day dream there, swinging under the apple blossoms. It’s where my mom consoled me after my first, and most unfortunate, home perm. It was where I learned that my high school boyfriend had cheated on me. It’s where I would go to be by myself (and Lord Shiva knows I’ve been needing a place like that lately).

That hammock held me unconditionally and swayed to the song of tears and laughter.

I have the sense that my new forest green friend will do the same.

You might need one, too! I had to wait a year to order it, but wow, was it worth it. This site has lots of styles and a wide price range.


So what little indulgences do you enjoy? Simple pleasures? What takes you back to times of innocence?


6 Responses to “Self Care Saturday”

  1. 1 Kelley March 7, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    Awesome sentiments, yeah, yeah…But first I’m struck by how beautiful your backyard is…as in actual pangs of jealously (jealously that I know is wrong and unfair to me but nonetheless it’s there). Is that your actual backyard? How do you ever find the strength to leave it for anything? I think adding a hammock is perfect but perhaps would force me to add a toilet too so I could live in your backyard forever.

    I love your hammock stories. I too have this luscious memories of my hammock days. I loved the hammock we would string up between trees in our campsite during long weekends camping as an extended family. I would crawl in with my cousins and sit squirming. We would roll each other up, try to knock each other out and then try to fit us all in again and stare at the canopy of trees.

    I also loved my hammock hours on the coastline in Bora Bora for my hunnymoon (teehee). The scenery was amazing, the sounds and the wind were the icing on the cake but having that hammock out there to cradle me while I took it all in was priceless. If only it had been big enough for Tony too.

    Great to have you back at Yoga. I now have 5 friends to bring in for March. I’m sure you’ll win them over like you did me.

    • 2 blogasana March 8, 2010 at 2:51 am

      oh kelley, i have more backyard ammo… we have an outdoor shower. it is pure heaven. and now, under my dreamy hammock my hubby built a deck… for my outdoor yoga. i’m NEVER leaving. i hope you come to visit =)

      i can totally picture rolling each other up in the hammock and try to knock each other out. oh wait, i thought that was your hunnymoon. =)))))


  2. 3 Jfrancisco March 8, 2010 at 6:40 am

    Your blog is so refreshing. I love your writing and your honesty.
    I also love hammocks and am so happy for you to see that you have one! They are very common in Brazil (a lot of poor people who live in crowded houses actually sleep in them!), and my sister-in-law has one on her deck. I spend hours in it when I’m there (and I often have hours to do nothing when staying at her place!). So I bought a beautiful hammock last time I was there from a guy selling them on the roadside. But I have nowhere to hang it, so it’s sitting in my closet. I had better get that taken care of before warm spring weekends are really here.
    This is a busy time for me, but I hope to get to the studio to see you soon. I may not make it to the book club meeting because we might go away that weekend (Spring Break). If I come, I’m going to bring some goodies. It will be fun to have the group reunited again. :-)

  3. 4 elizabeth March 9, 2010 at 1:40 am

    I have a new thought .. a hammock .. in a spare room .. plus a little nature soundtrack .. possible bliss? They have hammock stands, so it should be doable, right?! (With the rain, I’m not sure an outdoor hammock would get used much of the year otherwise.)

    Your backyard sounds perfect and I’m glad you are enjoying your hammock!

  4. 5 blogasana March 9, 2010 at 4:55 am

    @ jenna – thanks!!! yes, *in other countries* they know how to relax =) we could learn something. see the link below… have a great spring break if i don’t see you =)

    @ elizabeth – YES! check out this guy… these are the reviews for the hammock i got — scroll almost to the bottom and there’s a pic of a guy who installed it in a corner in his house!! paradise inside!!!

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