Yard Sales Suck (unless you’re buying)

Selling my mother-in-law’s memory for three dollars, and someone asks if I’ll take $2.

The mob of incognito antique dealers come and pretend to not know that my Precious Moments statues have any value.

Trinkets that have been passed down, gifted, handmade… now on a table marked ONE DOLLAR.

Throwing a yard sale used to be fun. Selling the hand-me-down college furniture meant getting sparkly new duds for the apartment.

These days it means selling memories. Or memories I’ve assigned to things. And right now people are rummaging through those things with calloused hands and greedy fingers.


3 Responses to “Yard Sales Suck (unless you’re buying)”

  1. 1 Kelley April 25, 2010 at 1:36 am

    I’m so sorry love. It sounds painful. There are a lot of weird folks out there are we tend to not be around them unless we’re in the ER (yuck-o) or having yard sales. There are prolly other places that I DON’T see weirdos at since I STAY AWAY from those places; I have probably blocked them out.

    Anyhoo. I tend to donate everything now-a-days instead of selling it. It’s worth much more to us as a tax write-off than to sell anyway and we don’t have to mess around with any unpleasantries. The good ole days of fun yard sales are just that…good ole days. Maybe when the economy turns around and more people aren’t so strapped the style of yard sales will go back to normal? No tellin’!

    Good luck. I hope something from today was worth the efforts. Let’s hope that lady doesn’t come back tonight to steal your plant. Hee hee.

    P.S. Sorry for missing the swap. I’m in more pain than I can tell you and life is just hard for me right now. I’m seriously going to go by a 4″ toilet seat riser. Hugs.

  2. 2 Elizabeth April 26, 2010 at 1:14 am

    That sounds really hard. Sending lots of {hugs}.

    I did not know that Precious Moment statues had value. I gave mine to a little boy who used to mow my lawn in East Sac. He told me how much his mother loved Precious Moments in one conversation so I thought it’d be a good new home. (I was not appreciating it – not being a statue sort of person.)

  3. 3 blogasana April 26, 2010 at 1:54 am

    @Kelly – Ya, no more yard sales for us. We do a ton of donation, mostly clothes (but no more with the swap!). Oh well. Hey, let’s talk about your leg. I can’t believe it’s getting worse and not better!!! Noooo!

    @Elizabeth – You are so sweet and I love that you’re non-statue-y. My husb and I actually had a tiff at the last yard sale we had b/c he sold a PM statue of mine from when I was little for 50 cents or something… and I was peeved. Yes, I know… that’s the POINT of a yard sale. I have a hard time letting go!! I’m learning from your giving away to a better home… thank you!

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