What’s the point?

Last night in class after piecing together a spin off of this arm balance pose, a student—enjoying her 2nd visit to the studio—looked at me plainly and asked, “What’s the point of this?”

We all busted up laughing… at ourselves, at the ridiculousness (on some level) of making these strange shapes with our bodies.

The question stunned me for a moment. Ya, what is the point? And in that pause was a gift—a reminder to check in with this very important quality. Call it intention, authenticity, motivation, purpose, connection… whatever you like. It’s that thing that brings us right back into the Now.

It’s a business question: Why are we getting a new website?
A personal question: Why do I keep writing in this blog?
A broader question: Why am I here?
And underlying this is the ultimate exploration: Who am I?

This morning I spent a few hours soaking in the support and love two friends. We had big ears and hearts for each other. It was equal parts yoga, teaching, learning, opening and sharing.

I left that time with a more clear sense of The Point of it all for me:

+ Spiritual friendship
+ Fun and laughter
+ Openness, spaciousness, room to be
+ Hugs
+ Generosity and gratitude
+ Simple moments


By the way, I answered my yogi friend’s question last night with Fun.

Turned out she just wanted to know what part of her body was going to get stronger or stretchier from the pose.

Which is a valid point.


What’s the point for you? Do you find yourself asking “Why am I doing this?” How do you connect with an answer?


6 Responses to “What’s the point?”

  1. 1 Amy --- Just A Titch May 28, 2010 at 2:43 am

    I ask myself this a lot. Not in a negative, “what is the point?” way, but in a way that hopefully keeps me moving towards creating the life I want, feeling the way I want, and living with intention. It’s an important question, I think. xoxo

  2. 2 Diane May 28, 2010 at 3:51 am

    I’m always wondering what part, (besides emotional, friendship, etc), what physical part of me is benefiting and perhaps how thats benefiting my emotional well being…..which, by the way I know it does.
    I know all of the above is what I value the most, but I still want to strengthen all parts of me that will get me into chatarunga “right” and balance and, and, and…….
    It’s all yoga is the best and my most resent (almost 5 years) reason for living. Thanks to all who make it happen!

    PS….always get mixed up with my intention…..which I always find some selfish and lovely and loving concentration. Maybe in my next life I’ll get to something more global?

    PS…..just learned that a fresh website is important every few years

  3. 3 Y is for Yogini May 28, 2010 at 8:37 am

    That is my most favorite pose – modified with completely split legs. :)

  4. 4 blogasana May 28, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    @amy – that’s so awesome! like a compass. it *is* an important question!

    @diane – i love you, diane. you’re so great and honest and real. i think you get a taste of what part of you is physically benefiting when you travel for a few weeks and don’t have it. do you notice that?

    and it’s ok to want the physical with the other. maybe that’s more of a ‘goal’ than an ‘intention.’

    ps. lovely and loving intention (esp self directed) is never selfISH. if we’re not whole and nourished and cared for, then we can’t easily be global in other efforts!

    ps. will you tell my husband that? :-)

    @miss yogini – really? wish you could have been there ;-)

  5. 5 JennaFrancisco May 30, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    I love that honest question. There have been times when I had to ask myself that because I couldn’t bring myself to attend class regularly, not because it wasn’t important but because something else creeped in that had to be taken care of (probably something related to Noah or an opportunity to do something as a family , which I too often neglected in the past). Then my physical practice started to slip away, and I felt frustrated by that. And I had to ask myself, what is the point of coming to class? Now it’s not about building beautiful poses anymore because I don’t practice consistently enough. It’s about being in the moment, having fun, finding solace in myself, and being among you all. :-)

  6. 6 blogasana June 1, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    @jenna – that’s so great! i mean, it really narrows down the “answers” to the question. like, maybe you realize that it doesn’t have to mean coming to class. you can do book club or office hours or something that’s more flexible for your time. or maybe you do go to class but you enjoy it in a different way. since the answer to the question is always changing, it’s never a boring question!!

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