Me and My Kid(neys)

My relationship with my kidneys is HOT.

After 5 stones, I know exactly where they are (the right one anyway) and I’m sensitive to staying hydrated and soft in the lower-middle back.

So when this Taoist piece flew into my inbox yesterday I was delighted.

The Taoist Cycle of Creativity

“Gentleness in the Kidneys creates Kindness in the Liver. Kindness in the Liver strengthens Honor and Respect in the Heart. Honor and Respect support Honesty and Sincerity in the Spleen. Honesty and Sincerity uphold Justice in the Lungs.”

And it inspired a Gentleness practice last night.

Cool kidneys, gentle kidneys. A passive sequence for hot summer months. Let the feeling of Gentleness pervade your breath and body tissues.

  • Constructive Rest – checking in and making room for whatever is there; letting the unnecessary fall away
  • Transition to sitting – strap around respiratory diaphragm/kidneys; three-dimensional soft expansive breath using strap to connect with roundness and fullness of back and sides (remove strap)
  • Viparita Karani – start with legs straight, then take Baddha Konasana and gently press thighs side to side
  • Supine Twist – on back, legs in table, arms in T; lower legs to right
  • Prone Twist – from supine twist, roll torso onto the right side, keep the legs as they are and turn the chest toward the ground, T arms palms down
  • Return to back – rock on sacrum side to side and repeat on other side
  • Sphinx
  • All 4s – cement truck the torso (just like it sounds)
  • Dog
  • Supta Padangusthasana II and Parivrtta Supta P with foot on wall
  • Apanasana – knees to chest
  • Supported bridge on bolster – either bolster under sacrum or bolster under spine, head and tops of shoulders on the floor
  • Tortoise or other easy forward bend on bolster
  • Savasana

Ahhh… cool kidneys. Let me know if you try the sequence, especially if you make improvements for your body!


2 Responses to “Me and My Kid(neys)”

  1. 1 Emma July 8, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    as you know, i love love sequences :)

    may i link to this post?



    • 2 blogasana July 8, 2010 at 6:25 pm

      Absolutely! Let me know how you feel if you do the practice. (And a video sequence coming today or tomorrow.)

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