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devote yourself

So many things on my mind lately:


These things have been taking me away from my work. (Worries can be so demanding…)

In an effort to refocus, yesterday I made a list of things to bring attention to this week. One of my list items is

devote time to new website.

I spent a while looking at the word devote.

Devote, devoted, devotion.

From the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 9 Verse 26:

Whatever is offered to me with true devotion — if only a leaf, a flower, a fruit or a sip of water — I accept it because it is given with love.

It’s not what is given, it’s the feeling and heart in the giving.

Perhaps even my worry, my grief, my non-productivity is my offering. That is what is here, what is real — it is what I have to give.

There is also a devotion that comes from discipline and commitment. Moving through resistance and into my passion — which will be captured on this new site — connects me to my heart’s work, and there is nothing more devotional than giving from the heart.

The Gita continues in 9.27:

Whatever you do, make that an offering. Whether it’s eating, sacrificing yourself, giving help, or even your suffering, offer it to me.

It’s not about personal gain or getting something in return. It’s an offering. A gift.

Devoting time to the new website gives it the time and attention it deserves. The inspiration was offered to me; it is my responsibility to put back into it equally.

I like to think of joy and play and pleasure here as well. There’s joy in giving yourself fully to something, and play and pleasure can be beautiful forms of devotion.

How different would my life be if my actions came from a place of offering and devotion rather than personal gain or guilt and force?

1.  I would practice my guitar with a spirit of play rather than perfection.
2.  I would sit it the morning not because I have to, but because it is my way to offer peace to the world.
3.  I would work on projects from a place of service rather than what will I get out of it.
4.  I would cook (and eat) in celebration and appreciation of this body and what I am able to do through it.
5.  I would reconnect with teaching as a service to other people instead of harping on my preoccupation of how I am perceived.

And the list goes on…

How would your life be different if your actions were a form of devotion?


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