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A schedule. Like in Kindergarten.

Nap time. Cookies and milk. Time outside on the playground.

I need to make myself a schedule that includes these simple wonders.

Otherwise, after I get on the computer (which is later than it used to be thanks to my morning ritual), I might come up for air 4 or 5 hours later and wonder where the hell half the day went. Even if you don’t run a small business, I know you can relate.

Self care is my word of the year, after all. And April is as good a time as any to make refinements. No problem going off course as long as we realign.

What I need is a tool. To help keep me on track. To get me up from the computer. To remind my vata-deranged brain that I have to send the Business Tax renewal form yesterday. I use iCal, but apparently it’s not working. I’d love to have something more creative, something handmade on butcher paper. With scented markers.

Any body have/know of ideas? A tracking system? A creative calendar? A non to-do list?


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