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A schedule. Like in Kindergarten.

Nap time. Cookies and milk. Time outside on the playground.

I need to make myself a schedule that includes these simple wonders.

Otherwise, after I get on the computer (which is later than it used to be thanks to my morning ritual), I might come up for air 4 or 5 hours later and wonder where the hell half the day went. Even if you don’t run a small business, I know you can relate.

Self care is my word of the year, after all. And April is as good a time as any to make refinements. No problem going off course as long as we realign.

What I need is a tool. To help keep me on track. To get me up from the computer. To remind my vata-deranged brain that I have to send the Business Tax renewal form yesterday. I use iCal, but apparently it’s not working. I’d love to have something more creative, something handmade on butcher paper. With scented markers.

Any body have/know of ideas? A tracking system? A creative calendar? A non to-do list?



Second week of my ‘self-care’ proclamation and the ultimate test is upon me.

Tonight I will surrender my laptop to Alicia so that she can steer the electronic ship while I’m at Haramara, the last place on earth where there is no internet, no phone… no electricity, for God’s sake.

I feel a strange medley of elation and panic.

I’ll either come home needing to be medicated, or I’ll be connected to something far bigger and beyond. Or… I’ll be exactly the same. Look for post-op reports.

Either way, look forward to connecting with you on the other side…

Doing less with a full heart

My last list was the “less of” list. There are several things I intentionally want to bring in as well:

1. More time in nature. This was part of my fun fall list, but didn’t ever make it in to reality. Must plan outings rather than leave it spontaneous. From a walk with dogs to one planned hike-ish thing a month.

2. Cooking. Was really enjoying all the cooking before the kidney stone. Then come to find out I was eating the top-10-toxics-for-the-stone-prone every day. It has been interestingly difficult to change my course and cook other things.

3. Time with friends. Lunch dates. Happy Hours. If for no other reason than to wear all my cute new clothes. This will also help me to…

4. Get dressed more often. Yes, one of the perks of working from home is not getting out of your jammies (or brushing your teeth) all day. Will still indulge in those days, but I might feel a little more human if I actually got dressed. Also a better chance to do #1 and #2.

5. Monthly massage. Rock on.

6. Continue asking for and receiving help. This has been pivotal and humbling.

7. Get out of the way. I have a strong feeling that it is going to be a great year for the business. We are becoming more clear about who we are, which will allow us to more clearly attract the people who are trying to find us. Part of my role in this is to allow it to flow and do my best to live the Yoga on all levels.

My word for the year is self-care. The idea is to check in at decision points with how something aligns with that intention. I think all of the above items help me meet that goal.


Wow, I’ve been all set to feel great, be happy, leave 2009 behind: oh-10 is The Year.

Yet… I’m tired, grumpy, quiet, and melancholy.

So… in line with my goal-less intention of self-care, I’m going to let that be ok.

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