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The second I saw Gwen Bell‘s description of The 101, I knew I wanted to do it.

This blog and I are up for a little fine tuning—a focus of purpose, a refinement of writing, and consistency among social media forums. This is what Gwen does.

As a business owner I interact with a variety of characters — people in advertising, sales, media, other small business owners, and other yoga people (who don’t exactly have a reputation for being practical and business savvy). Lately I’m on  a roll with people who are unprofessional and disorganized, if they show up at all.

Right on time, Gwen showed up to our Skype call friendly, present, and ready to work. Here are the highlights:

  • She was prepared with questions that zeroed in on my online issues. No skirting around it. We skipped the awkwardness of the first date and got right down to business.
  • Even though she came with a plan, she was also off-the-cuff with new topics. She thinks quickly and responds with fresh, practical ideas.
  • She was appropriately honest and encouraging. Gwen called me out on my stuff without making me feel bad about it.
  • She offered ideas without giving answers. It would be easy to coach from a script on how to be someone else; my session with Gwen was about how to be me more clearly.
  • Some of her advice was big-picture and conceptual; some of it was specific and concrete.
  • She’s current – she knows other people and projects in line with my vision and offered to make introductions.
  • The hour seemed eternal. Not only did we have time to drill down on specific topics, I felt like I had my money’s worth at 45 minutes.

As a bonus, Gwen and I share several life circumstances in common (yoga teachers, run yoga studios, 5 years in, wanting individual presence aside from the business). So she gets it.

I’m feeling juiced from our call—this new direction feels clear, exciting, and in line with my intention. The ideas are still flowing. She gave me a lot to work with as well as prompts to continue digging.

If any of this makes your heart flutter, the one-oh(mygodthatwasbrilliant)-one is only available for one more day. I highly recommend it.*

*This is in no way an affiliate post. Just my own humble opinion. And if nothing else, keep up with her blog where she offers concise, relevant tips on being effective online (and happy and healthy offline).


A schedule. Like in Kindergarten.

Nap time. Cookies and milk. Time outside on the playground.

I need to make myself a schedule that includes these simple wonders.

Otherwise, after I get on the computer (which is later than it used to be thanks to my morning ritual), I might come up for air 4 or 5 hours later and wonder where the hell half the day went. Even if you don’t run a small business, I know you can relate.

Self care is my word of the year, after all. And April is as good a time as any to make refinements. No problem going off course as long as we realign.

What I need is a tool. To help keep me on track. To get me up from the computer. To remind my vata-deranged brain that I have to send the Business Tax renewal form yesterday. I use iCal, but apparently it’s not working. I’d love to have something more creative, something handmade on butcher paper. With scented markers.

Any body have/know of ideas? A tracking system? A creative calendar? A non to-do list?

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